Perfect For Pollinators Gift Bag
Perfect For Pollinators Gift Bag

Perfect For Pollinators Gift Bag

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Presented in a jute and canvas tote bag we have curated everything you need to start growing beautiful flowers to attract pollinating insects, bees and butterflies.

Scientists have collected evidence over the last few years that bees and other pollinator populations are less healthy and abdundant than they have been in the past.  According to the RHS ( accessed 10 October 2017) If action is not taken, 'pollinator declines will have serious implications for food production and the ornamental garden, since many plants rely on bees and other insects, such as hoverflies to transfer pollen from one flower to another in order to set fruits and seeds.'

This kit is the perfect way to start helping the pollinators by providing a safe haven for them to feed on the pollen in the plants in your garden!

Once you have planted out your flowers the bag can be used to carry your hand tools around the garden, but it is also large enough to be used as a book bag, or a vegetable storage bag in the kitchen!

Included in this gift bag:

1x block of compressed coco - Just add 3 litres of water into the bag provided and watch it grow to supply 10 litres of coco compost

48x 6cm diameter round recycled biodegradable pots - add compost and seeds. When your young seedlings are ready to be displayed outside just plant them in the pot!

1x packet of Butterfly and Bee Seeds by G Plants Ltd UK - variety of flowers varies due to availability.